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Weaving harmony with heart


Suzanne released a solo CD in June 2016. 

The CD is eclectic and reflects her classical training but also the influence of Celtic, Folk and Bluegrass music prevalent in Western North Carolina. Instrumentation on the arrangements includes guitar, fiddle, banjo, string bass, mandolin, bouzouki, cello, harp, percussion, brass, tin whistles and vocals. 

It was recorded in Lenoir, NC at Ticknock Studios by sound engineer Patrick Crouch. Patrick also helped arrange the music and plays on nearly every track. Fans of Patrick will enjoy hearing his stellar playing, especially on Blackberry Blossom, I Got Rhythm and The Contradance. He showcases his versatility on every track, moving between genres effortlessly - Celtic, Folk, Bluegrass, Jazz and Classical. 

The project is personal and features the talents of friends and family as contributing artists. Her brothers recorded brass parts for two tracks and emailed them to Patrick who included them in the mix! Her son Jack played cello on two tracks, her friend Denise sang vocals, played keyboard and wrote an original poem. Her friend Susie Reich sang a duet with her on the the last track. 

The CD includes arrangements of well known pieces such as Shenandoah, I Got Rhythm and Blackberry Blossom as well as original music by T.G. Febonio, Cindy Kleinstuber Blevins and Bill Douglas, all contemporary composers.

Physical CDs may be purchased on this website. Click the Purchase CDs tab in navigation.

Click the link below to hear clips of the tracks on CD Baby. You may also download the CD from there.