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Weaving harmony with heart


Ceremony - The ceremony music usually consists of 20 minutes of pre-service music, processional music for bridesmaids and bride, meditation piece, and recessional music for bridal party. A vocal selection from our repertoir can be requested as the meditation piece. Attendance at the rehearsal is not included in the fee.

Reception - The music for the reception will usually last 1-2 hours and will be of a light classical or popular nature.

Rehearsal Dinner or Wedding Breakfast - These usually last 1-2 hours and the music is light classical or popular in nature.

We have experience in choosing music for wedding events and will be happy to assist you if you would like to consult with us about the choices available.



Wedding Testimonials

"Thank you both for being such an important part of yesterday's making of a memory."

".....I wanted to tell you that ya'll did a great job at our wedding.  The music was beautiful and I wish I could have heard all of it.  That day was a huge blur to me.  Thank goodness we had it on video.  Thanks again..."

"We simply cannot thank you enough for the beautiful music that you provided at out wedding ceremony. I have always dreamed of having beautiful music at my wedding ceremony and I greatly appreciate your willingness to provide it for us. Our family and friends absolutely loved your beautiful music and it certainly made our ceremony special...."

"...Our worship service was enriched by your contributions and the "close and holy" loveliness of your soundscape. Tapestry is like a harmonic convergence of beauty - in sight and sound."